Employment Services

Tainan City is a city with a vast territory and more than 1.88 million people. In an era of globalization and knowledge-based economy, different industries are facing the pressures of industrial transformation and of structural adjustment. To helpemployers and job seekers get the most efficient and the highest level of employment services, Tainan City Government has strived for setting up  employment service stations with the financial support from the central government since 2002. Until now, five stations have been set up  in Jiali District, Hsinshih District, Guantian District, Gueiren District, and Yonghua Civic Center. With the professional staff at each station to provide the services of employment consulting and matchmaking, we hope to integrate all relative resources with employers and job seekers and to help the job seekers find jobs fit for them.

Services for Job Seekers :

  1. Registration for job search services.
  2. Recommendation for suitable jobs.
  3. In-depth career consultation.
  4. Information of recruitment events.
  5. Employment-promotion lectures.
  6. Consultations about the employment service laws, regulations and resources.


Services for Employers:

  1. Registration for recruitment.
  2. Match job openings to appropriate job seekers..
  3. Recruitment events.




Vocational Training Services

In order to help the unemployed get more vocational skills and be more qualified for their future career, Administration and Training Section provides a variety of vocational training programs for the unemployed with financial supports from the Employment Stabilization Fund each year.  The unemployed people can choose training courses ranging from cooking, computing, styling and cosmetology to the marketing of cultural & creative industries.



Vocational training services:

  1. Vocational training for the unemployed.
  2. In-service training.
  3. Vocational trainings for new immigrants.